Huge Commitment.

Ledzilla LED focusing lights are evidence of the detail and commitment with which dedolight has to offering users creative options. Dedolight doesn't make a focusing light if it can't be made with aspheric optics and fit all the usual light head accessories. There is no exception to their rules with these; the smallest of the aspheric focusing lights. In both bi-color and daylight options, with integrated ballasts, Ledzillas focus like classic dedolights. No other focusing LED light compares with this 4 ° to 56 ° range. Ledzillas have absolutely smooth light distribution in every focusing position.

Tabletop's Best Friends.

Ledzillas has a unique "bayonet" mounting system which allows you to quickly reinvent the light with incredible attachments; dedicated imaging and shutter projection attachments, Parallel Beam Intensifiers, soft boxes and tube attachments, Ledzillas can shape and warp it's purpose for any style of production. But on this scale, Ledzillas are MUST HAVE for all tabletop or on-board work. a Feather.

Ledzillas only consume a tiny 8w of power and weigh 13.3oz! With that they make a perfect on-board companion and they can run off of a myriad of different battery conversion mount kit which attach to the integrated ballast. You can run them from the optional 12v AC adapter, or from any 6v to 18v DC power source. Optional battery shoes are available for Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon mini-DV batteries. 

44 products found in The Ledzilla Collection

DLOBML-BI - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light (2700-6500K)
  • $695.00
DLOBML2 - 8w, Ledzilla LED Focusing Light, Daylight Balanced (5600K)
  • $520.00
DLOBML-BI-POL - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light with Drop-Down Polarizer (2700K-6500K)
  • $695.00
DLOBML-BI-IR - The "IRedzilla", 6w Bi-Infrared LED Focusing Light (860-960nm)
  • $1,054.00
DLOBML-BI-UV - 8w, "Fluorezilla" Bi-Ultraviolet LED Focusing Light (365-400nm)
  • $1,275.00
DLOBML-BI-BB - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color Blue/Green LED Focusing Light (450-520nm)
  • $1,054.00
KMULTI4 - Complete Forensic Kit of 4 Multi-Spectrum "Ledzilla" Focusing Lights
  • $5,837.60
DPBA-OB7 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for all Ledzilla Lights
  • $350.00
DPBA-OB7HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-OB7 Beam Intensifier
  • $135.00
8-Leaf Barn Door Accessory for Ledzilla - (DLOBML-BI-DBD)
  • $200.00
DLOBML-WD15 - White Dome Lantern & Soft Box for Ledzilla Light
  • $178.00
DLOBML-LT20 - 8" Soft Tube Attachment for Ledzilla Lights
  • $255.00
DLOBML-DP2 - Ledzilla Shutter Projection Attachment (with 60mm lens)
  • $279.00
DLOBML-DP1 - Universal Imager Projector for Ledzilla models (with 60mm lens)
  • $365.00
DPIRS - 18-leaf, Drop-in Iris for Ledzilla and DP1S Imaging Projector
  • $182.00
DPGHS - Steel Gobo Holder for "S" Size, DP1S & DP1S-A Imaging Projectors
  • $64.60
DPGSETS - Set of 6 Popular Steel Gobos, "S" Size
  • $110.00
DPFSS - Loose Leaf Framing Shutter Blade for DP1S and Ledzilla Imaging Projector
  • $29.00
DLBSA-JSF - 5/8" Receiver to Hot-Shoe Mount Adapter
  • $29.75
DLBSA-MBJ - Metal Ball Joint with 1/4" Thread and Camera Shoe
  • $35.70
DLBSA-MBS - Metal Ball Joint with 5/8" Pin & Shoe Mount for Ledzilla
  • $54.40
DLA-ML - Ledzilla Shoe to 5/8" Receptacle for Baby Stud Mounting
  • $41.65
DLGA200 - 8" Articulating Arm with Camera Shoe or 1/4-20 Mount for Ledzilla
  • $115.00
DLBSA-TS - Table Stand with Shoe Mount for Ledzilla
  • $12.00
DLOBML-BSV - 7.2v, NP-FV Battery Holder Plate for Ledzilla
  • $120.00
DLOBML-BSU - 12v, BP-U Battery Holder Plate for Ledzilla
  • $99.00
DLOBML-BS - 7.2v, NP-F Battery Holder Plate for Ledzilla
  • $28.90
DDCC-DTAPS - DC Cable with 0.55mm Jack to A/B (1')
  • $44.20
DDCC-PAG DC - Strait Male to Right Angle Male PAG to Mini-jack Adapter Cable
  • $45.00
DDCC-XLR DC - Coil Cable, Male Jack to Male XLR4
  • $61.00
DDCC-EXT5 - 16ft Extension Cable with Male/Female Ø5.5mm Jack
  • $33.15
DLPS-12 - AC Power Supply (100-240v), 12v DC, 18w Mini Jack Output for Ledzilla Lights
  • $43.35
DLOBML-DP2-0 - Dedicated Shutter Projector for Ledzilla (without Lens)
  • $235.00
DLOBML-DP1-0 - Universal Imaging Projector for Ledzilla (without lens)
  • $215.00
DPL30M - 30mm, f1.8 Projection Lens for "M" or "S" Size Projectors
  • $365.00
DPL50M - 50mm, f2.8 Projection Lens for "M" or "S" Size Projectors
  • $300.00
DPL60M - 60mm, f2.8 Projection Lens for "M" or "S" Size Projectors
  • $148.00
DPL85M - 85mm, f2.8 Projection Lens for "M" or "S" Size Projectors
  • $121.00
DPL185M - 185mm, f3.5 Projection Lens for "M" and "S" Size Projectors
  • $345.00
DPLZ120M - 70-120mm, f3.5-3.8 Projection Lens for "M" or "S" Size Projectors
  • $323.00
DPLZ150M - 85-150mm, f3.5-3.8 Projection Lens for "M" or "S" Size Projectors
  • $323.00
DLOBML-P - Soft Protective Pouch for Ledzilla Lights
  • $44.00
DSCS - Small Soft Kit Case
  • $205.00
DCHDMU4 - Molded Ledzilla Kit Transport Case
  • $499.00