YES, the full spectrum, R-G-B-A(amber)-C(cyan)-L(lime) multi-color version of the powerful DLED7 light is finally arriving...the dedolight NEO Color.

Built in collaboration with color geniuses at Prolycht, the dedolight NEO Color is a perfect integration between two of the lighting industry's leading innovators. The NEO Color is an 80w adjustable color focusing dedolight with a 6:1 variable beam angle courtesy of unparalleled dedolight optics, and powered by a cutting-edge R+G+B+A+C+L "Hyperlight Color Engine" developed by Dr. Anqing Liu of Prolycht.



Dedolight Neo Color Diodes RBGACL


NEO Color features Prolycht's "Hyperlight" Engine superior six-color management. Red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime engines give you the widest possible color gamut available on the market. With a white light range from 2,000K - 20,000K, and the ability to vary the gamut of a a white point, the NEO Color can guarantee accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs. 

The system can be controlled with a simple, intuitive menu via OLED display, DMX, LumenRadio CRMX, WiFi or Bluetooth Mesh. The dedolight NEO Color is supported by a variety of wired and wireless lighting controllers and consoles as well as the free ChromaLink app from Prolycht. Control of multiple NEO color light heads in-app provides a myriad of option including x,y coordinates for precision gamut selection, hundreds of built-in gel equivalents, dozens of built-in light source equivalents, and an array of customizable preset effects.

Dedolight users have come to appreciate the beauty of light through aspheric optics. This quality evolves with the NEO Color as it is compatible with most of the famous classic optical accessories (See "M" size accessories collection). Bring this light to life with the DP1.2 Universal projector for gobos and iris' units, and the tabletop master DP2.2 dedicated shutter projector and more. Combined with other new NEO Plus light systems, this entire family will be a new mandatory asset on all styles of production.



  • dedolight precision optics with Prolycht color science LED framework

  • Powered by V-mount battery or optional AC Power Supply

  • CRI average > 97, TLCI average > 95

  • Control DTneoC+ ballast manually via onboard OLED display, built-in DMX, LumenRadio CRMX, WiFi or Bluetooth Mesh connectivity

  • Prolycht’s color technology with the Hyperlight Color engines provides a full R+B+G+A+C+L color Gamut (massive space using red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime LED engines. 

  • Accurate skin tone reproduction throughout an extended 2,000K – 20,000K CCT white light range 

  • White point management with magenta/green adjustment

  • Richly saturated colors across a range greater than any other lighting technology currently available on the market

  • Use the free ChromaLink mobile app from Prolycht for mobile control (multi-light head recognition)

  • Controls include x,y coordinates for precision gamut control (with RX709 details), hundreds of built-in gel equivalents, dozens of built-in light source equivalents, and an array of customizable and preset effects  (ChromaLink app features)

  • Replicate environmental light colors using the color picker feature with your smart phone  (ChromaLink app feature)

  • Record and playback up to 10 minutes of spectral light data captured from your smart phone (ChromaLink app feature)

  • Compatible with most dedolight M-series accessories including the DP1.2 universal projector, DP2.2 dedicated shutter projector






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