Even with today’s latest technology, LEDs still do not compare with the amazing quality of a well designed tungsten light source. If light quality is your thing, then halogen will remain for the foreseeable future the standard by which all other light sources are evaluated against. Get out your spectrometer and test an LED source at 3200K next to a Dedolight halogen source...It is not a fair fight. 

The DLH652T embodies that type of light quality. Chances are that you have used DLH4 150w Classic dedolights; the DLH652 is a 150W Classic on steroids with size and weight similar to the DLH400DT but with a sleek updated weather-proof housing.  The DLH652 also shares all the same size accessories as the DLH400DT making it its perfect tungsten companion. The beam quality, super-spot and focus range are similar to that of the Classic 150W (8 ° - 56°).  Many of you who know and love the classic 150w dedolights can imagine what its 650w big brother is like. Simply put: it's incredible. 
To achieve the lightest and most rain-resistant AC light, the DLH652 has a dimmable fixed output. All dimming configurations are available: Plug it into a standard AC dimmer, AC DMX console, Dedolight AC dimmer (DLDIM2000-U), or Dedolight AC DMX dimmer (DLDIM2000-DMX-U), or even purchase the light head with an onboard DMX dimmer (DLH652T-DMX).

8 products found in The DLH652T Collection

DPLS400 - Light Shield Ring for "A" Size Lights
  • $32.00
DBD400 - Barn Door with 8 leaves for "A" Size Models
  • $176.80
DWAFX400 - Directional Beam Spreader Filter for "A" Size Lights
  • $90.10
DP400KU - Imaging Projector Kit for "A" Size Lights (with 185mm lens)
  • $1,481.00
DP400KFS - Framing Shutter Projector Kit for "A" Size Lights (with 185mm lens)
  • $1,189.00
DPBA-14 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH400 / DLED9 / DLED10 ("A" Size Lights)
  • $799.00
DPBA-1419 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH400 / DLED9 / DLED10 ("A" Size Lights)
  • $2,300.00
DLWAR400 - Wide-Angle Aspheric Lens with Rotating Barn Doors ("A" Size)
  • $520.00