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Parallel Beam Intensifier for Lightstream DPBA1419


"Lightstreaming" begins with a powerful, parallel beam of light.  Exclusive only to dedolight users, each focusing light now has a Parallel Beam Intensifier lens which magnifies the light and warps it in to a strait beam. Simply put, using dedolights with Parallel Beam Intensifiers gives Lightstream a structure which no other reflecting systems in the market can achieve. Unlike other systems with "beamer" attachments, our focusing lights with Parallel Beam Intensifiers produce up to 533% MORE light output in a new spot position (DLED3-D with DBPA-610). Like all dedolight accessories, it takes just a few seconds to add to the light head. The new spot is tight and controlled; it's our constant in the Lightstream system. Amazingly, the parallel beam to some degree escapes the prison of the square law. Fundamentally speaking we are greatly minimizing the distance, scale, equipment, power and budget you would need to recreate more realistic sunlight. We've moved the sun closer to us while making light appear to still come from the center of the solar system. But the creative mind can take it much further than just that...

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You can split the host beam, sending it to multiple reflectors; yes, one light can now become multiple new light sources greatly reducing your carbon footprint on set, ambient heat, power consumption, cooling costs, cable running, and all major costs associated therein. Beside those cutting edge perks, simple use of a single reflector creates refreshing qualities of new light without worrying about color shifting since it's coming from the same source. Among other characters, the new reflected light is polarized thereby creating more realistic daylight textures and tactile depth.

New Light reflected


We currently use four different reflector types, each featuring a unique surface and reflective result. All reflectors transfer more than 95% of the light they receive. The unique qualities of each surface give the reflected light different spreads. These results are controllable only when using a beam of parallel light. The reflectors themselves will reflect light from any source with some results, but It's most important to note that use of the reflectors with intense parallel beams takes it to a systematic level with magical results.

Our results herein describe Lightstream reflectors with dedolight focusing lights and Parallel Beam Intensifier attachments...


The #1 Lightstream reflector acts as you would hope a front-facing mirror would but with a more homogenous result. You can redirect a beam, or even miraculously split a beam into "secondary beams" to reach other Lightstream reflectors without losing beam integrity; this is the main reason why using an intense parallel parent beam is mandatory for success.


Lightstream #2 reflectors spread the the incoming spot by 12° while preserving the lumens. The total transferal of light remains above 95%. This board can still be used to transfer a beam to another, larger board, but most commonly as a direct source with greater intensity and a narrower spot fresnel focusing lights can even achieve.


Lightstream #3 reflectors spread the incoming beam by 50° while still transferring above 95% of the total light. Board #3 reflects a gentler light quality with its wider coverage. The outgoing light behaves more in accordance with the Inverse-square law in exposure and intensity. The beam can have hard or soft qualities depending on intensity of incoming beam and its distance to the subject.


Producing seemingly the most gentle results, the #4 reflector spreads the parent source at an angle of 95°. The light level reaching the subject is lower, about 5% less than light bouncing from a bead board. Like the #3 Lightstream reflector, the #4 reflected light can have hard or soft qualities depending on intensity of incoming beam and its distance to the subject.


For detailed manufacturer analysis, download the dedolight Lightstream booklet:


Lightstream Brochure 

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DLR3-25x25cm - 25cm (10") Lightstream Reflector #3
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DLRP25 - Protective Pouch for four 25x25cm (10") Lightstream Reflectors
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DLR1-50x50 - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #1
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DLR2-50x50 - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #2
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DLR3-50x50cm - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #3
  • $223.75
DLR4-50x50cm - 50cm (20") Lightstream Reflector #4
  • $223.75
DLRP50 - Protective Pouch for four 50x50 (19"x19") Lightstream
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DLR1-100x100 - 1x1 Meter Lightstream #1 and #4 Single Reflector
  • $2,456.25
DLRP100 - Protective Pouch for single 100cm (40") Lightstream Reflector
  • $157.50
DPB70 Parallel Beam Light System - (SETDPB70)
  • From $19,930.00
Complete Lightstream Starter Kit PROMO with DLH400D, DPBA-1419 Beam Intensifier & 25cm Reflector Kit
  • $4,825.00
DLGA160 - 6.5" Pivoting Ball Joint Arm (with 5/8" studs)
  • $80.00
DedoCali designed Double Ball-Joint with Kipp Handle for Lightstreaming - (GFCA58DBLJNT)
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DMFC40 - 16" Flexible Coupling Arm with 5/8" Studs
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DMFC29 - 11" Flexible Coupling Arm with 5/8" Studs
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DSTFX40 - 15", Flexible Stand Extension with 5/8" Receiver and Stud
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DSTFX29 - 11", Flexible Stand Extension Arm with 5/8" Receiver
  • $78.00
ZFW-AA6 - Double Articulated Arm, 3 Sections
  • $79.00
4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 7x10cm Lightstream Reflectors by Dedolight California (GF-LS-7)
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4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm Lightstream Reflectors, & small Eflects by Dedolight California (GF-LS-25)
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4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm & 50cm Lightstream, & Eflect Reflectors, by Dedolight California (GF-LS-50)
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4-Reflector Array Grip Kit for 25cm & 50cm Lightstream, & Eflect Reflectors with pouch (GF-LS-50K)
  • $700.00
SCLEAN - Lightstream Reflector Cleaning Kit
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Motorized Lightstream Reflector Mount Kit with Dual-Controller - (0CADLRMCB)
  • $989.00
DLR-MLOCK - Motorized Sliding Lock mount for reflectors
  • $220.00
DLR-MCB - Dual-Controller Kit for Motorized Lightstream Reflector Mounts
  • $406.90
DCAB4MINI-3 - 10ft Extension Cable for DLR-MCB or DLR-M6CB-DMX
  • $35.00
DCAB4MINI-10 - 33ft Extension Cable for DLR-MCB or DLR-M6
  • $71.40
DLR-MCB6-DMX - DMX Control Ballast for up to 6 Lightstream Reflectors
  • $380.00
DPBA-OB7 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for all Ledzilla Lights
  • $350.00
DPBA-OB7HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-OB7 Beam Intensifier
  • $135.00
DPBA-BI6 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLED2-BI / DLED3 ("S" Size)
  • $377.00
DPBA-7 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH4 / DLHM4-300 / DLH200
  • $340.00
DPBA-7HON - Honeycomb for DPBA-7 / DPBA-6 Intensifier Lenses
  • $171.00
DPBA-610 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLED2 / DLED3 ("S" Size Lights)
  • $527.00
DPBA-710 - Parallel Beam Intensifier for DLH4 / DLED7 ("M" Size)
  • $493.00